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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Day

Dapat forwardan dari sebuah Yahoogroup. Lucu sekali ^^ Just enjoy your life ;) Sebenarnya full of pictures tapi kalau sedang error, picturena ngga muncul :(

This I had to share...and you will laugh...

My Day...

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning 


I woke up with a stiff neck 

Made breakfast for the cranky youngsters 


and fed the baby a bottle 


She dribbled milk all over herself and my new blouse 


I loaded up the kids in the car seat and took them to daycare & school


I was late for work, and traffic was a nightmare


My husband called my cell phone to tell me 
he got laid off from his construction job 


I got to the office (I'm a Tech Analyst)


My supervisor chewed me out 


for misplacing the mouse 


I went out for lunch and got caught in the rain 


I left work early to pick up my new eye glasses (wrong size)


I then picked up the kids from school & daycare 


Drove the boys to karate lessons


And, then the girls to tap & ballet 


When we got back home, all they wanted to do was watch TV 


and, sing karaoke instead of doing their homework 


After much chaos, they took their baths & got ready for bed 


And after much hounding, they brushed their teeth 


Then I read them their nightly bedtime stories 


They finally went to sleep 

All of this daily stress is causing me to gain weight 

So, I tried doing some aerobics in the living room 


Uh oh, I don't think all the 'fast-food' and 
exercise is agreeing with me 

Now, I think I'm getting a migraine 

  and, a runny nose 


I'm pretty certain it's the flu 


After a long and grueling day, I crawled 
into bed and was just drifting off when
I realized I had forgotten something


Dear Lord, despite the topsy-turvy day
 I've had, I give thanks to you   

and for all the blessings you've bestowed upon me and my family.

And next week, I'm off to the spa and pool for some 
much-needed rest and relaxation with my girlfriend

That's how MY life is going......so, how are things with YOU?


Have a nice day, everyone ^^

Love and Peace,

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rizkisweetycutie wrote on Mar 31, '10
k0mene kal0 udh buka pk k0mpi yah
g kliatan pk HP
farikhsaba wrote on Apr 2, '10
unfortunately, i dont find anyting funny...

*question: "with my girlfriend " Does she a women?
mooncatz wrote on Apr 3, '10
unfortunately, i dont find anyting funny...

*question: "with my girlfriend " Does she a women?
hihihi aku suka kucing mbah jadi ekspresi kucing-kucing di sini lucu banget ^^

"with my girlfriend" bisa diartikan dengan "sahabat cewek". bahasa slank-nya :D
thiyarenjana wrote on Apr 19, '10
jiahahaha... ups! heheu ^^

Kok lucu amat seh???
mooncatz wrote on Apr 19, '10
jiahahaha... ups! heheu ^^

Kok lucu amat seh???
hihihi yang susun foto sama bikin ceritana kreatif ya ^^
miauideologis wrote on Apr 19, '10
Numpang nonton....
mooncatz wrote on Apr 19, '10
Numpang nonton....
monggo ^^ wah.. suka kucing juga yaa *lihat ID multiplyna* :D

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